Digital Journalism Exercises
Copyright © 1997 Elizabeth Osder

Editing for Online  -- Annotation and basic HTML linking


It’s the job of the online editor to create context for a story.  Ways of adding context include:  linking (to outside sites and archival information), accessing databases and creating applications etc.  


Take a news story and consider all the various ways you could annotate it.  Acquire a digital version and place hyperlinks in the text as annotation.  Describe other possible ways to annotate the text.  Could you add sound and video to a music review?  Could you access a database of crime information?  Could you link out to the corporate site of a company being profiled in a business story?


Our goal is to discuss when and where it’s appropriate to link out of a site and to begin to imagine all the possible ways that we can add context to a story.    What style do you like for linking?  Do we link inside the text or not?


HINT:  Remember to “view” source on a web page if you’re trying to remember how to create a hyperlink.


EXAMPLES:  Have a look at the linking in CyberTimes and the applications developed in Issues ‘96